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Lotto Sorcerer 9.0.1

Full-featured lottery software with predictive technology. Since 1989.
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cineSync 4.1.4

A remote review and approval tool that allows people to review visual media
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CDex 2.01

Designed to extract audio tracks from a CD-ROM digitally
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MyConnection Server 10.1c

A useful set of tools for monitoring and analyzing the network status
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ZOC 7.18.1

An award winning telnet, SSH, SSH2, modem and ISDN terminal emulator
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XAMPP 5.6.35-0

An easy to install Apache distribution for Windows containing MySQL, PHP & Perl
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Gpg4win 3.1.0

A useful email security with an easy to understand and use graphical interface
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DNS Benchmark 1.3.6688.0

Determine the exact performance of a local and remote DNS nameserver
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Asymptote 2.44

Provides a natural coordinate-based framework for technical drawing
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