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IsMyLcdOK 4.22

Effective solution to easily check for dead/stuck pixels on LCD monitor.

DesktopDigitalClock 2.81

The Digital Desktop Clock is a simple Windows desktop clock with different theme

Pixelscope 7.1

Pixelscope is a screen magnifier App for Windows OS from XP to 10 32-bit,64-bit.


Allows you to browse through the entire Unicode character repertoire


A simple timer program for tracking numerous tasks and events.

StressMyPC 4.22

Let's see! How long can your laptop battery hold a charge? Or let your PC sweat

Anti-Glare 3.0

Prevent eye strain with this full screen transparent colored filter

MagicMouseTrails 2.22

The MagicMouseTrail tool is a simple but also beautiful extension for the Mouse

VisualTimer 1.3.1

Easy to use utility which brings a programmable timer on your desktop

f-engrave 1.73

A text to g-code application that can perform several functions

MICR E13B Match font 6.1

Set of three MICRE13B fonts for check printing TTF and OTF