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Productivity software - Top 4 Download

Productivity software free downloads in Windows UWP Apps

Code Writer

Advanced text and code editor app for Windows 8/10

SkyDrive 17.30

Store any file on SkyDrive and it's automatically available

Yahoo! Mail for Windows UWP

Lets you message with ease, stay connected, and get more done faster

Norton Zone Cloud File Sharing

Share your documents with others over cloud space.

Insight Client

Track and analyze customer responses on your Windows 8 device.

What's IP

Detect and display your internal and external IP addresses


Help you manage valuable pieces of code on your Windows 8 device.

Search All

Use multiple search engines from a single interface.

Open Access for Win8 UI

All of the music that you’ve got on your account is now instantly available

Email Myself

Allow you to email yourself from Windows 8 device.

Note Stream

Take detailed notes on your Windows 8 device.

Kanban Personal

Manage personal projects, sprints, or to do lists from your Windows 8 device.

Record Voice & Pen

Recording of your voice and pen drawings at the same time

Save Version

Help to keep all versions of changed files.

Gmail calendar

Shows you graphically your appointments in a month-view


You can use it as a scratchpad for your notes or even as a shopping list