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Games software free downloads in Windows UWP Apps

3D Boat Race for Windows UWP

Test your skills as a pilot of a powerful speedboat

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Work on more than one puzzle at a time and see your progress


Prevent important information going into wrong hands

Gobang Free

Play Gobang against the Computer or play games with your friends


Can score each square in which it believes that there is a mine with a flag

Cirq de Jemz

Match gems, but you do it in a completely new way

Cat Lab!

Great gameplay for young children to any adult


Can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about

Chain Reaction

A highly addictive game where you try to explode as many balls as possible

Dots Master

A revolutionary version for the classic Dots & Boxes game for Windows 8


Take turns to draw and describe, and see how mixed up the message gets

Taptitude Unlimited 11.2

Collect all 400 stars, or compete online with realtime, weekly


The explosive new puzzle game with over 100 levels to explore

Game Dev Tycoon 1.2.2

Start your own game development company in the 80s