Automation Tools software - Top 4 Download

Automation Tools software free downloads in System Utilities

Aml Maple Portable Edition 5.46

Aml Maple is a modern indicator of the active keyboard layout (current language)

QuickTextPaste 4.59

Paste quickly pre-defined text in any Windows applications via keyboard shortcut

PlanetWheelShortcuts 1.1.0

PlanetWheelShortcuts is the fastest tool for shortcuts input.

DesktopSnowOK 3.71

To add a little winter magic feeling on your Desktop is DesktopSnowOK the right.

Don't Sleep 4.95

Small tool to prevent system Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off , Restart, Hibernate.

Disk Adapter For VMware Workstation 1.0

asy way to connecting RAW and EnCase disk images to VMware Workstation

NonCompressibleFiles 2.85

On the fly one or more non-compressible files, or maximum compressible files.

AutoHideMouseCursor 2.66

Small portable Windows application that allows you to hide the mouse cursor.

PointerStick 3.39

Portable tool that presents on the Windows Desktop a virtual pointer stick.

DShutdown 1.76.2

DShutdown is a program that let you schedule shutdown of a local or remote PC.