Novel Games Limited - Top 4 Download

Novel Games Limited Software Downloads

A Maze Race 1.5.1

Race against the computer and find the shortest route!

A Maze Race II 1.3.3

Race against the computer and aim for the trophy!

Accordion Solitaire 1.0.2

Play the accordion of cards to showcase your skills!

Aces and Kings Solitaire 1.0.2

Discover the numerous possibilities for card placement!

Aces Up Solitaire 1.6.3

Retain the aces and rocket to the top!

Akita Kanto Festival 1.4.1

Can you balance the pole lanterns for at least 10 seconds?

Alien Intruders 1.9.1

Save your planet by eliminating the aliens!

Alternation Solitaire 1.0.0

Can you solve the alternating card puzzle?

Amoeba's Life 1.0.0

Consume smaller cells and avoid hazards to grow the amoeba.

Animal Olympics - Diving 1.1.1

Impress the judges and dive for the gold!

Animal Olympics - Hammer Throw 1.0.0

Unleash your strength to reach impossible distances!

Animal Olympics - Hurdles 1.0.1

Defeat your strong opponents in this exciting race!

Animal Olympics - Pole Vault 1.0.2

Let's rise to amazing new heights!

Animal Olympics - Trampoline 1.0.0

Can you complete your brilliant routine with perfection?

Animal Olympics - Triple Jump 1.0.3

Reach for the medal with speed and power!

Animal Olympics - Weight Lifting 1.1.0

Be the strongest athlete and lift your way to the top!

Animation Puzzle 1.4.2

Complete the animated puzzle by bringing the pieces together.

Arithmetic Game 1.6.1

Complete the equations in the interesting arithmetic test!

Arrows 1.12.1

Solve Lucas' problem in a swift manner!

Asteroids 1.9.0

Destroy the asteroids and enemies before they hit you!