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Windows UWP Apps software free downloads


Pick your color, customize, double-tap to load light table

Fresh Pictures

Live Tile with inspiring pictures right on your start screen

PhotoWeaver Release 7

Advanced editing functionality like effects, enhancements, stickers, rotate

Life Memories

Enjoy every movements of your life with live tile

Magical Answers

You can make this trick on every person you know

Engineering Jokes Pro

A collection of various interesting and amusing Engineering jokes


More than 24 hours with optional TimeFor.TV subscription

Planet Boy Player

An media player which plays video and audio files and supports formats like mp4


With more rich textured burshes, support for pressure sensitive pen tablets

Mercury Chat

Provides a simple yet elegant interface for Google's chat service

Primetime TV 1.5

Best companion app for keeping track of all your favorite TV shows

Celiac World

Daily updates about recipes, diets, cost of diet plan, tasty foods

Spices Benefits

Comes to the cleansing out of toxins from our body either

Circuit Timer

Helps you with you workouts by letting you set up routines for the gym

Stroops Premium

Developing some of the most innovative fitness, sports performance & rehabilitat