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Memtest86 full changelog

Memtest86 Full Change Log

Memtest86 9.1 released May 21, 2021 (New Release)

Fixed parsing of SMBIOS memory device structure for compatibility with DDR5 DIMM data
Fixed non-page aligned addresses for ADDRLIMLO/ADDRLIMHI configuration file parameters
Fixed hang when running in UEFI Shell caused by improper cleanup of localization strings after an exit from a previous MemTest86 run.
Added support for retrieving CPU info for Intel Rocket Lake chipsets
Added support for retrieving CPU info for Intel Tiger Lake chipsets
Fixed misalignment of text containing full-width characters

Memtest86 9.0 released Feb 10, 2021 (New Release)

New Features:
Support UEFI-based ARM systems (arm64/aarch64), including memory test algorithms ported to ARM64 and optimized using hand-written assembly code. Special thanks to Simula eX³ project (ex3.simula.no) for providing high-end ARM64 systems for testing.
Added BADRAM & badmemorylist formatted strings and instructions in the exported HTML report to mask defective memory addresses (Pro only)
Revamped RAM SPD screen in the Main Menu with graphical view of all RAM slots
Added preliminary support for DIMM temperature reporting (when supported by DIMM)
Added option to change save location of logs/reports to another disk volume (file system)
Added prompt on various exit options (shutdown, reboot, exit to BIOS) on application exit.
Added keyboard shortcut (F12) to save screenshot to file within the Main Menu
Support for saving test results to a byte-packed, binary file for storage-limited systems
Support for passing configuration parameters via command line arguments

Memtest86 8.4 released Apr 10, 2020 (New Release)

Added new config file parameter 'SPDMATCH'. If enabled, will look for SPD.spd file which contains the raw bytes to compare SPD bytes to
Memory is now reserved at the beginning and released at the end of the test session to reduce frequency of memory allocations/release and improve UI responsiveness
Added fallback when failing to set the menu screen size to the max supported resolution
Added tftp.remap file for fixing backslash/forward slash issues with uploading XML files when running TFTP server on Linux machines
Added warning message when failing to inject ECC errors for Ryzen chipsets (due to being disabled in production)
Added specific Mac Pro models to black list to workaround display and multiprocessing issues
Added preliminary ECC support for Ryzen Zen 2
Added preliminary support for retrieving CPU info for Intel Comet Lake chipsets

Memtest86 8.3 released Nov 22, 2019 (New Release)

Added AUTOREPORT configuration file parameter to enable/disable automatic saving of test results HTML report when AUTOMODE is enabled
Added TFTPSTATUSSECS configuration file parameter to set the period to send status XML updates to TFTP server (for management console)
Modified behaviour for detection of duplicate errors. Errors with the same address (and bits) but occur in different tests are no longer considered to be duplicate.
Fixed hang when CPU does not support SSE4.1 instructions when running Test 12
Fixed MINSPDS and EXACTSPDS configuration file parameters being incorrectly set when saving current configuration settings to file
Fixed escaping of characters in XML messages to TFTP server (for management console)
Fixed invalid XML tag in XML messages to TFTP server (for management console)
Report is now automatically saved before the end of test prompt when AUTOMODE=2 is set in configuration file.

Memtest86 8.2 released Jun 3, 2019 (New Release)

Added REPORTPREFIX configuration file parameter to specify the prefix text to use for the report files
Added TEST12_SINGLECPU flag to blacklist.cfg to force test 12 to run in single CPU mode as a workaround for CPU threads hanging in PARALLEL mode
Added DISABLE_LANG flag to blacklist.cfg to disable language support and font support, which is known to cause issues on some Dell systems
Changed the blacklist.cfg RESTRICT_ADDR flag lower address limit from 0x1000 to 0x100000, as some systems experience issues when writing to the BIOS area (up to 0xFFFFF)
Fixed bug with blacklist.cfg RESTRICT_ADDR flag not setting the lower address limit properly
Fixed buffer overrun bugs detected by HeapGuard when measuring memory latency
Fixed fluctuations in memory/cache speed measurements
Fixed UI issues with System Information screen
Changed "red" error text to "light red" for better readability
Fixed CPU temperature readings for several AMD Ryzen chipsets

Memtest86 5.0 released Dec 3, 2013 (New Release)

# Completely re-written to work under UEFI.
# Native 64-bit support
# No longer requires the use of the PAE workaround to access more than 4GB of memory. (PAE = Physical Address Extension)
# Mouse support, where supported by the underlying UEFI system. On older systems a keyboard is still required.
# Improved USB keyboard support. The keyboard now works on systems that fail to emulate IO Port 64/60 correctly. So Mac USB keyboards are now supported.
# Improved multi-threading support, where supported by the underlying UEFI system.
# Dual boot with Memtest version 4 for supporting older systems without UEFI. So with a single USB or CD drive both UEFI systems and BIOS systems can be supported.
# Reporting of detailed RAM SPD information. Timings, clock speeds, vendor names and much more.
# Support to writing to the USB drive that Memtest is running from for logging and report generation. In all prior MemTest releases there was no disk support.
# Use of GPT. (GUID Partition Table)

Memtest86 4.2.0 released Mar 18, 2013 (New Release)

* Fixed issues with USB keyboards. The USB keyboard functionality is memory mapped into a portion of low memory on some (maybe many) machines, typing on a USB keyboard changes some values in RAM as the key presses are stored in memory as you type. This can cause the keyboard to become unresponsive during testing or input from the keyboard to generate errors in the tests.
* Fixed crash when configuring memory ranges. Changing the meory range during the first test, or changing the memory range multiple times during later tests could cause the current test number to become negative, triggering a crash.
* Fixed highest error address not reporting correctly on error.
* Fixed error counters overflowing and reseting to 0 after too many errors.
* Fixed max contiguous error reporting.
* Cleaned up some UI text.
* The Windows USB package now includes ImageUSB to make creating Memtest86 USB drives easier.

Memtest86 4.1.0 released Jan 20, 2013 (New Release)

# Added a new boot trace option that single steps through the testing process and displays messages and data that is valuable in diagnosing problems with test execution. A large number of trace points have been added in key portions of the code (in particular SMP startup routines) to provide visibility of obscure failures. This feature will allow non-technical users to provide troubleshooting data for better test stability.
# Added a new One Pass feature. This feature runs the complete test once and then exits, but only if there were no errors. This provides a convenient method for unattended testing. One Pass may be enabled via a boot option or via an on-line command.
# Images for CD, USB key and Floppy disks now use Syslinux for booting and include a variety of standard options and two previous versions of Memtest86. The new boot time options may be specified at the boot prompt.

Memtest86 4.0b released Aug 20, 2011 (New Release)

* Optimized for high performance servers
* Tests using up to 32 CPUs
* Tests up to 8 TB of memory

Memtest86 4.0 released Mar 28, 2011 (New Release)

# A fresh, streamlined implementation of ECC reporting is planned for a future release.
# A number of conditions existed that potentially cause problems when testing more than 4 GB of memory. Most if not all of these conditions have been identified and corrected.
# A number of cases were corrected where not all of memory was being tested. For most tests the last word of each test block was not tested. In addition an error in the paging code was fixed that omitted from testing the last 256 bytes of each block above 2 GB.
# The information display has been simplified and a number of details that were not relevant to testing were removed.
# Memory speed measurement has been parallelized for more accurate reporting for multi channel memory controllers.
# This is a major re-write of the Memtest86 with a large number of minor bug-fixes and substantial cleanup and re-organization of the code.

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