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Lazarus for Mac OS X full changelog

Lazarus for Mac OS X Full Change Log

Lazarus for Mac OS X 2.0.12 released Feb 22, 2021 (New Release)

Fixes for 2.0.12 (merged):
r61736 Try to minimize (NOT a fix) the risks of TProcessUtf8 crashes. Crash introduced in r50595 for Issue #28991.
r63531 lhelp: fixed updating default title after filling content nodes
r63563 LazUtils: Delete very old code for TProcessUTF8 that was needed for FPC 2.x.
r63564 make install: check if LAZARUS_INSTALL_DIR already set, Issue #37356
r63568 make install: added source extension, issue 37364
r63584 LazUtils: Don't override TProcess.Execute for TProcessUTF8 starting from FPC 3.2. Issue #35991.
r63596 LCL: Prevent DBGrid raising exception after enabled and hiding inplace editor. Issue #37385.
r63620 startlazarus: cocoa: do not use open -a, execute bundle exe, else menu is not visible
r63627 Codetools: Find form's ancestor also when a generic form is specialized. Issue #37396.
r63645 IDE: make lazcontroldsgn a base package, issue 37412
r63675 codetools: search unit first in current directory, issue 37466

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.6.2 released Nov 13, 2016 (New Release)

r51634 Designer: Support also (False) and (True) as Boolean values in Undo operation.
r51639 ShellTreeView: make PopulateWithBaseFiles public. Makes it possible to populate a ShelltreeView that was created at runtime.
r51643, r52312, r52325, r52922 Translations: French translation update by Gilles Vasseur

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.4.4 released Oct 23, 2015 (New Release)

r47800 TDateEdit: refactor GetDate/SetDate; reduce the need for parsing Text for GetDate; force valid text in control when DirectInput = False
r49078 ToDo List: Fix column widths, was wrong in OSX. Issue #27866.
r49543 LazFileUtils: FileIsReadable on Windows should only return True if the file actually exists.
r49559 Examples: fix memoryleak in ResExplorer

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.4.0 released Apr 28, 2015 (New Release)

Added methods and utilities to load objects from FPC resources: TGraphic.LoadFromResourceName(), TPicture.LoadFromResourceName(), TCustomImageList.AddResourceName(), LoadGlyphFromResourceName().
Changed all LCL resources from LRS to RES. As a result they can be edited in executables using resource editors on Windows platform.
DBImage changes versus 1.2: DbImage implements loading stream directly if it doesn't have a known header, WriteHeader property. This makes writing image header optional improving compatibility with Delphi controls - see revision 43779.

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.4 RC 3 released Apr 22, 2015 (New Release)

r47793 LCL: TShellCtrl: fixed slow checking for duplicates, bug 27473
r47782 TDateEdit: fix GetDate when DateOrder is doNone and Text has literal day- or monthnames. Issue Issue #0027454.
r47794 TDateEdit: Remove method DateFormatChanged: it exposes a private field that is only meant for internal use, and should not be changed by user.
r47790 Qt: fixed segfault when setting image list on TListView with OwnerData:=True. part of (Issue #0027469)

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.2.6 released Oct 15, 2014 (New Release)

prevent crash when pressing F5 while source editor is closed. CONFLICT !
fixed enclose block starting with empty lines

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.2.4 released Jun 19, 2014 (New Release)

TCustomGrid: fixed range check error when scrolling editor control
Grids, redraw grid on changing TitleFont where there are no Custom Columns,
fix (grid's) cell hot-tracking regression
implementation of TCoolBar Issue #25026
fixed TTextStrings.Exchange
ShellTreeView: fix SetPath (Issue #0026088)
QuestionDlg: fix wrong ModalResult if dialog has buttons with both mrCancel and mrAbort as ModalResult (Issue #0026094)
patch for align controls on TCoolBar Issue #26096
TCustomComboBox: call inherited (Utf8)KeyPress before changing the case (when CharCase ecNormal)
ensure that reset is Modified in TFieldDataLink.UpdateData even if an exception occurs (Issue #26081)
TToolButton: fix using AccelleratorChars (Issue #0024817).
LclStrConst Fix rsFixedColsTooBig and rsFixedRowsTooBig so they match current behaviour (Issue #0018590)
TCustomComboBox: remove redundant KeyPress method. All this is already done in Utf8KeyPress.
fixed TCustomListView.GetNextItem.Patch by errno.Issue #26033

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.2.0 released Mar 11, 2014 (New Release)

ActiveX: localized, improved dialog layout and added Russian translation
CHMHelp: added Russian translation
Codetools: read var postfix modifiers without first semicolon
Converter: Convert also function SameStr. For some reason SysUtils does not have it.
improved localization, updated Russian translation
Add timeout on kill
Fixed and improved: Stop/Kill GDB when debugger stops
resourcestring typos and minor improvements
regenerated translations; updated Russian translation
Fixed potential crash with writing (system.move) to empty string
fixed wrong timeout detection on Mac during startup
fix updating watches, after changing a variable in the target
translation fix compilation on Linux, comment out old BiDi workaround, patch by wp, Issue #25541
Grid Columneditors, added Option goTabs for convenience.
correct shorctut keys for Copy/Paste/Cut. Issue #0025708.
Fixed TGtk2WidgetSet.Polygon overwriting points array. Issue #25507

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.0.14 released Nov 25, 2013 (New Release)

Set LANG env, to prevent localisation of gdb
force exit, on destroy.
Ensure queue lock during gdb communications (possible race condition)
Filenames (for line-info) must be case-sensitive
Do not crash IDE, if gdb.exe is invalid
fixed getting callstack (could go into an endless loop)
fixed crash in callstack (when stop debugging while waiting for stack info)
callstack, fix goto source, if viewing bottom of large stack (viewing from startindex > 1)
lock queue while handling breakpoint
Fix Debugger locking in SourceEdit (protect SynEdit during Paintlock). Calls were unbalanced if method was recursively invoked.
Options, disable add/remove buttons on signal opts. Not implemented
Options, mark project as modified, when exceptions are enabled/disabled. Issue #25074
fix disassembler, check if offset can be used
Fix handling of single quote in strings returned by gdb
Fix handling of backslash in strings returned by gdb (used for classname resolving)

Lazarus for Mac OS X 1.0.12 released Sep 3, 2013 (New Release)

· codetools - on variable only valid in the on block, bug 24494
· Debugger - Fix IDE does not end debugger state (processdebugger / dbg=none), if exe can not be started. issue 0024809
· IDE - environment option single taskbar button apply after change, bug 24623
· IDE - ctrl+enter: stop at spaces only if no quotes in front, bug 24042
· IDE - save session, changin folding in editor marks session as changed
· Gtk2 - fixed itemheight with lbOwnerDrawFixed style of listbox. issue 24629
· LCL - TTextStrings: fixed TTextStrings.Insert, bug 24718
· LCL - reset hintwindow region after color change
· LCL - TSpeedButton: do not eat DialogChar when disabled, bug 24742
· LCL - fixed AV on TCheckListBox when key space is pressed to check/uncheck item, and itemindex=-1. issue 24627
· LCL - getmousecapture: check if handleallocated, reducing overhead and fixing crash on carbon
· LCL - added capfHasScrollOffset into ControlAtPos in WMContextMenu so offset is ok when control is inside scrolled control.

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