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Phoenix 360™ | 50% Off

Phoenix 360™ Coupon

50% Off iolo Phoenix 360™

VALID TO: Dec 31, 2018


Phoenix 360 - Total PC Protection, Privacy & Performance. Phoenix 360 is more than just software -- it represents the future of PC care and maintenance, in which the performance you've come to rely on, the protection you expect, and the privacy our digital lives require are all integrated into one seamless experience.
- Optimize PC speed
- Mask credit cards during online transactions
- Shield your online habits from spying eyes
- Stop browser tracking cookie cleaners miss
- Recover irreplaceable files
- Block and remove malware
- Permanently delete sensitive data
- Enhance identity theft protection
- Secure and manage all your passwords

Phoenix 360 includes:
System Mechanic® -- Optimize your PC for peak performance by removing resource-draining bloatware and fixing frustrating errors, crashes and freezes.
Privacy Guardian™ -- Protect your computer from digital privacy invasion that cookie blockers and VPNs can't stop.
ByePass™ -- Stop thinking up, remembering and typing passwords with secure password and credit card management.
Malware Killer™ -- Discover and remove dangerous malware faster.
System Shield® -- Prevent viruses and spyware from slowing you down.
DriveScrubber® -- Quickly and securely erase data from your hard drive employing methods originally developed for the US Department of Defense.
Search and Recover™ -- Recover important files that were accidentally deleted.