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muvee Wedding Studio | $10 Off

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$10 Off muvee Wedding Studio

VALID TO: Aug 31, 2017


Your wedding pictures are one of life’s most beautiful memories you will ever capture.
We know taking good photos is not easy. And after taking tonnes of them, making sure they are absolutely perfect and then, sharing them is crazy tedious. Sure, you can leave it to a high-street pricey wedding photographer, or your brother’s dopey room-mate from high school. Who wants contrived, posed shots anyways?
Your guests are going to be armed with their iPhones, GoPros and Nikons; and they will share them with you. In the end, you will have an amazing collection from all perspectives of your big day. And you know they will just be archived and never watched again.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magic wand that automatically corrected the exposure, color, noise and other gunk from the different cameras and lousy shaky hands, and then instantly put them together into a gorgeous and professional looking movie slideshow?
Well, that’s exactly what muvee Wedding Studio was created for!
We put together the two most advanced and easy to use photo and video editing tools on the market, unveiling the secrets of the professionals to every user. No editing skills? No problem!! Expert results in minutes!