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copernic - Top 4 Download

copernic Software Downloads

Copernic Agent Basic 6.20

Query multiple search engines on the Web simultaneously

Copernic Desktop Search 7.2.0

Replace Windows Desktop Search to instantly find your emails, files & docs

Copernic Desktop Search Home 7.2.0 B14055

Reliable and Intelligent Search Engine with 4,000,000+ users

Copernic Desktop Search Professional 7.2.0 B14055

Find Your Files and Emails with the Power of a Search Engine Right on desktop

Copernic Server Search 2.2.0

Copernic Search Server will increase your team's productivity by reducing wasted

Copernic Summarizer 2.1

Create summaries of documents and Web pages

Copernic Tracker 1.1

Monitor Web pages and get notified when they change.